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Tea Room Owner: Luke Quadrelli

How a Tea Leaf Reading works

Recommended Tea for Reading

Bushells Tea

We prefer to use Bushells as it has been used by Reading Tea Rooms in Brisbane ever since the 1940's. It is easier to pour through teapots as most teapots have a strainer at the base of the spout. If you can not find this brand of tea, any small loose leaf tea will do.

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Preparing your Tea

Bushells Tea

When making your pot with loose leaf tea, it is recommended that you add one teaspoon of tea per person and then one for the pot. Once you pour the water into the pot, let steep for a few minutes.

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Flip and Turn your cup

Bushells Tea

A fine China Tea Cup is best to use. Once you have drunk your tea, leave just enough liquid to cover the tea leaves at the bottom of your cup and have a little swirl.

Then pour the remaining tea, gently into the saucer and leave the cup cradle upside down on top of the saucer. Turn the cup three times, full rotation anti-clockwise on the saucer. Then tap the bottom of the cup three times with your finger.

This is the process to keep the tradition of the fine art of Tea Leaf Reading alive. In the 1700's the Romany Gypsies believed that turning the cup three times took you through time and tapping it three times invoked spirits into the cup.

Before you continue, make sure you take a photo of your Tea Cup similar to the one above. Make sure you keep the entire cup in view, including the handle.

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